Brittney Spears……. OMFG.

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So the other night my wife and some girlfriends went to see this vapid little slut. I was not sure why, so I ask why she didn’t just listen to the CD since the whorebag would be lipsinking anyway. She was skeptical that this would be the case and she got the tickets for free or some shit. Had she paid for them I would have been forced to slap some sense into her….


Anyway, the opening act “Flapping pussy chicks” or something were good she said. But then in the intermission she said they had a bunch of fucking midgets come out and run loose in some kind of fucked up circus thing. She said there were midgets everywhere and it was very creepy overall.


Eventually out she came. No recognition to what city she was in, she probably didn’t know since I am guessing she spends most of her time in a midget gangbang. But my wife said she was echoing really badly. That was wierd since the auditorium is know for it’s good accoustics. And the opening act was good…… I showed her that famous bald pussy pic and she figured it out. The echo was coming from that giant worn out pussy!!!!!!!!!! I can see why Gehyfed would step out on that snaggly shit. Someone needs to take a giant hamhock and resleeve that pussy! But putting John Holm’s giant cock in it would still be like throwing a hotdog down a subway tunnel.


And in the end she did one song live and it was pathetic. She sounded like shit, the timing and rythm was off and she was out of tune. I feel sorry for the idiots who spend money supporting this horrific example of humanity. We did it for Terry Schivo, can’t someone put this bitch down and the rest of us out of our misery?


New GM commercial.

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Rally cap? How about SALARY CAP you greedy fuckers! You wonder why they need to make these kinds of commercials, ones full of half truths, disdirection and outright lies? Because the UAW and the officers of the company are greedy fucks who think they are entitled to something they aren’t. These huge salaries for doing little or nothing during the day and these guys getting golden parachutes for managing a company for a few months is pathetic. I am frankly appauled that we are bailing these pieces of shit out of their own mess. If we let them rise or fall on their own then they will eventually sort themselves out. I wont be getting a bailout for fucking up my business.


This whole thing is such bullshit. It makes me sick to be an American sometimes.

Indian journalist in jail for “hurting the religious feelings of Muslims”

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First the story:

The editor and publisher of a top English-language Indian daily have been arrested on charges of “hurting the religious feelings” of Muslims.

The Statesman’s editor Ravindra Kumar and publisher Anand Sinha were detained in Calcutta after complaints.

Muslims said they were upset with the Statesman for reproducing an article from the UK’s Independent daily in its 5 February edition.

The article was entitled: “Why should I respect these oppressive religions?”

It concerns the erosion of the right to criticise all religions.

In it, the author, Johann Hari, writes: “I don’t respect the idea that we should follow a ‘Prophet’ who at the age of 53 had sex with a nine-year old girl, and ordered the murder of whole villages of Jews because they wouldn’t follow him.”

Mr Kumar and Mr Sinha appeared in court on Wednesday and were granted bail.


Angry Muslims have been demonstrating in front of the offices of the Statesman since its republication of the article.

Police have broken up the demonstrations using baton charges several times this week.

Some Muslims close to the Jamiat-e-Ulema e Hind (The Organisation of Indian Scholars, a leading Islamic group in India) later filed a complaint with police alleging that the publication had “outraged their religious feelings”, which is an offence under Section 295 A of the Indian Penal Code.

Mr Kumar has said he has already issued a public apology for reproducing the article.

“Not anticipating the reaction to the story was an error of judgement and we have regretted that, ” Mr Kumar told the BBC in an interview.

Now the rant. Fuck them. He is right after all. In the middle east practisioners of Islam regularly rape little boys and girls. Thursday is known as “Manlove Thursday” for a reason. They call for the extermination of the infidels, that is all of us that are not Islamo-facists BTW, and they do it by sawing your head off. So you want me to be sympathetic to their feelings? Not a fucking chance baby. I want to go back just so I can re-start the crusades.


Now not all Muslims need to be wiped out, just those who wont help exterminate the Islamo-facists. These wahabists or what ever they are called are a plauge on the world. Obama wants to negotiate and intitiate a dialog with them. So what happens when they get the word? The number 2 man in AQ say he wont talk to the “house negro”. Thats just not nice! He is a wonderful human being with the worlds best interests at heart and thinks you are special people too. But it just goes to show that even when someone comes to them and is willing to hand them our security on a silver platter they just want to kill you.


Hold on America, they will hit us again and we will be force fed more of this tolerance bullshit just like the slaves in the rest of the world.

16 illegals sue rancher

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He made them feel bad. Maybe he scared them a little, but what he should have done was execute them all and back fill the ditch with his backhoe. What he did do though is hold them at gunpoint for the INS guys to come and collect. Thats right, he gave them to the feds to be sent back home. So now that they have snuck into the US illegally some fucking cuntrag judge is giving these criminal fucks a day in court to sue the rancher for something like 16 MILLION DOLLARS. If you are not a citizen you should not get to use our legal system. Dont like it? Then go the fuck home and sue him in Mexican court. I am outraged that this made it into court. What a waste of tax dollars and utter horse shit.


Were I him, looking at the possibility of loosing everything, I would sell the place then find and break all of their kneecaps with a bat. Then find the lawyer these fucks hired and have a few big pipe hittin skinhead fuckers go to work on his ass for an hour or so. Then I would disafuckinpear forever. In a country where you can be sued for protecting what is rightfully yours because you scared a few fucking criminals things have gone too far for the system to protect you. The system loves and protects them more than its own citizens now, so it is time to go.

It’s back!

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The most in your face, boot in the ass and call it like I see it blog out there. Well, there may be others but they are run by idjits. So after a long absence from the sphere I am back and have LOTS to talk about. Like our new Comrad Commisar President. So he gives us a new stimulus bill full of crap and wasted money, and they slip in Socialized Medicine without anyone saying a word about it. And you know who is going to pay? We are. You know who is going to suffer, the old. It actually say that if your doc is not giving you the treatment that they think you need, or deserve they will give it to you instead. But at the same time they say the old just need to accept that getting old sucks and with it comes a shit storm of ailments that they are not going to treat you for anymore. Suck it the fuck up grandma! Logan’s Run is just around the corner and when you hit 65 we will float you up to the crystal and zap the shit out of you. Then maybe we will grind you up into soilent green and recycle your old ass.


Am I the only one that is offended by this whole thing? I understand that Obama and his ilk are affraid of the Greatest Generation and now the aging Korean and Viet Nam Vets because they are true Patriots and Americans who think, no, KNOW he is a commie. And getting rid of them as a threat has got to be a big priority. These are the same guys who fucked up the Axis powers. Who held their ground against the Chinese hoards and came home to get spit on by people like Obama after fighting the VC. He has every right to be affraid. My old man is nearly 70 and he could still break Obama’s skinny ass in half if he wanted to. You can take the old bastard out of the Corps, but the Corps will live in the old bastard forever.


Hold onto your wallets, shorts, and for heavens sake cling to your God and your guns people. America is done (even News Week says we are now a Socialist country), the republic is dead and we are all circling the big drain. It should be a helluva ride.

Virginia Tech, a year later.

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As we come up on the year anniversary of the VT shooting, I see more news articles on the event.


There are a few things that jump out at me that sadden me greatly about the whole thing. The first thing is that these people all laid down and allowed themselves to be killed like pigs at the slaughter. How pathetic. Where were their parents when the children were learning about the sanctity of life? Where were the lessons about God helps those who help themselves?


The other thing is, the victims lives had ZERO value. Not to their parents who loved them dearly. Not to their friends who grieve the loss of these people. THEY decided their lives had no value. Anything worth something is worth fighting for. THEY decided that their lives were not worth fighting to save. ONE madman with killer intent kept dozens of people at bay because NONE of them had the will to survive. How pathetic is your life when you do not have the will to survive at all costs. In cases like these, where a madman has the intent and desire to kill you, you have nothing to loose. Why not take the chance and DO SOMETHING! The heros of Flight 92 knew they were going to die. THEY decided to do something about it so that others would not perish as well. THEY at least tried to save themselves and others. They died doing it, but how many lives did they save? If one person at Virginia Tech had know that their life was worth fighting for, maybe they could have saved others.


We are a nation of servants, sheep and pansies. The hippies say violence isn’t the answer, and they may be right. But sometimes violence is the SOLUTION! Madmen can only be dealt with thru violence of action. They must be stopped with force. Students here, at Columbine and other shooting have all been documented begging for their lives. Did it work?


Maybe if they thought their lives had value and were worth fighting for the outcome would have been different.

Why are we still paying for the war?

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And where the fuck is all the cheap gas the liberals say we are supposed to be getting for the blood of our sons and daughters.


First, lets address why we are paying for the war. The Iraqi’s have all this oil and gas, and they can make a ton of money from it. Even selling it to us on the cheap would give them a HUGE financial windfall and help our echonomy too. We could get the cheap gas the liberals have been raising sooo much hell about, and the Iraqi’s could pay for their own re-construction.

We should not be using gas out of our own war reserves for this little foray. The Iraqi’s need to taap that keg and let the go-juice flow. We could get a lot more done and the US could get our reserves built back up. They are making really good progress securing their little sector of the world and putting foot to boy raping terrorist ass. But they need to help out a little more.


No as to the blood for oil comments of the liberals. Well, that argueement didn’t work out so well for you did it? I have not seen cheap ges when I go to fill up my ozone depleating, gas guzzling sport utility vehicle. God knows I could sure use it! Maybe our sons and daughters are over there giving these people the same rights you want to strip from everyone you dont agree with and give to the illegal aliens in this country. Or maybe you are just a bunch of fucking hipocrits. Those brown people dont deserve our help because they have oil and the potential to make money while these close by brown people dont have shit but the dope you want so badly.