New information on the digital TV conversions!

It was just announced (on a tv commercial) that if you are such a broke dick that you can not afford a new tv, the government is going to provide you with a voucher so you can get one. God forbid the governemtn keep it’s nose out of the telecommunication business and let them rise and fall on their own. By giving the voucher they help to ensure that the telecommuncations industry does not go tits up and can continue to make absurd amounts of money while your fat ass watches tv.

Additionally, and most importantly, they ensure that the majority of the American public remain slaves to the idiot box. They can continue to help you live that care free life of government subsidies and welfare while they tell them what to think and condition them on how to act. Instead of giving the broke fat fucks a new way to get tv, why don’t we encourage them to go out and get a job so they can pay for their own tv without the tax payers doing it for them.

Another example of the government helping the slaves remain slaves while the rest of us pay for it. It’s fucking discusting.


4 Responses to “New information on the digital TV conversions!”

  1. My wife is just as creeped out about this as I am. Do you feel that the implications of this are 1. Economically screwy (and that only) or 2. Sinister (and I don’t mean left-handed)?

  2. When the feds first announced the end of analog and force shift to digital, your humble servant predicted a welfare program would follow…

    Business as usual; in my neck of the woods, just a couple of years ago, city hall had us footing the bill for email access for under-bridge dwellers.

    See you

  3. freddyboomboom Says:

    Yeah, but they’re providing up to TWO vouchers per household, at $40 each.

    If you can afford two tv sets, then what the fsck is the Gov’t spending MY TAX DOLLARS giving you frikken vouchers?

    And you don’t need the vouchers if you get cable or satellite TV, ’cause it’s in the receiver box thingy already.

    How many frikken idjits are going to get the vouchers even when they have cable?


    Double Grrr!!!!

  4. Kelly morrison Says:

    Hey Hey its time to get rid of your fucking T V I plan on executing mine in the back yard come 2009 just like Utah. P did with blindfold and last cigarette . anyway I recentle bought the TV converter box and with my $30 doller antenna that works just find with VHF and UHF it would not work with the converter box. it said that the signal was to week so I took the fucking thing back to radio crap and got my $24 bucks back. They said I could not get my coupon back though . I said thats ok it was free the goverment thought it was doing me a favor by giving out free vouchers for something thats only worth $20 dollers anyway. then the clerk said you do know that you will not get anything at the end of the year. I said good no crap is good crap right. Maybe I will start my own VHF broadcasting station and air old Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner Cartoons But I’em sure the Fucking Goverment will say no to that? Lets all go to the Lobby and have are self some treats.

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