Welcome! Here is your only warning.

Well, this is your first and last warning. This blog will offend you at some point. Hell, it even offends me sometimes to think these things but it is theraputic to get them out. Some of it will make you lauigh, some may make you cry. I hope it gives you something to think about from time to time since my point is not to offend, but to comment on the world as it is and where we are in it.You will encounter vulgarity. You may find what you think are racist comments on all races, ESPECIALLY my own. You may find comments that you find repulsive or off the makr. Tell me why. I want to hear from you.

If you are a democrat, a vegan, a straight edger, a slave to the state, like to be told what to do instead of thinking for yourself, blame society for your problems, blame your family, blame the government, or are just generally coasting thru life without any of your own goals or independent thoughts, I can PROMISE you that you will be offended.


5 Responses to “Welcome! Here is your only warning.”

  1. Larrry Maloney Says:

    Welcome to the blogsphere, offense can be a good thing, I know this because I’ve been a “reader offender” since 2003 with my newsletter: OffTheBeanVine. It is often from offense and outrage that things get done that need doing. Best of luck, and above all…think for yourself.


  2. Mad Ogre has linked you, and I got here from his site. So you have your first reader and your first comment.

    Semper Fi.

    “The more I learn about humans, the better I like my dog.”

  3. I’d like to lodge a complaint.

    i’ve been reading for two days now.

    I’m not offended.

    I’d like all my money back.

    (Love the blog. I proposed a similar Thunderdome situation for on-campus parking when I was in college.)

    Carry on.

  4. The only thing that offends me is stupidity; so far I’m doing just fine here.

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