SHOT Show 08!

So I am at the SHOT Show in Vegas and thought I would post a few updates. FN had the only live fire booth at the show…. Actually they had the only neglegent discharge in the history of the show. And of course it was a cop.

HK had a huge booth and it looked great, but they had out very little product. And most of it was shit Joe Sixpack cant buy any of it. I learned a few dirty secrets about them while here at the show. They have had some bad results in testing. When independent testing was done, they did not fare so well. There have been issues with undue wear inside the receiver, and gthe hand guards get insanely hot. Temps reached over 700 degrees near the gas block after firing only three 30 round mags on semi. I guess if you use a mount to fire the torture test, then it is not an issue. But every time you  see a test where someone is holding it, they dump it in a bucket of water right after a mag dump. It turns out that they have to in order to keep firing it. And before you fanboys go asking who said so, HK did. There were two guys in HK shirts, talking to a guy from an LEO or MIL agency and they were talking about these very issues. If they did not want this info out for the public to hear they should have gone in their little conference room.

Ruger is doing a new 45 1911. Yeah! After nearly a century of use they finally figured out it was a good gun. Now if they will just make hicap mags for civilian use.

Sig has some new rifle coming out, and there will be a retro fit kit for your AR to make it piston driven. But even Colt says the piston is not the way of the future.

More coming soon.


2 Responses to “SHOT Show 08!”

  1. Wow! I wish I could go to the shot show… Oh well.

    What was the HK product you are talking about, the 416?

  2. Ruger? 1911? Dayum!

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