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After a long absense……

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on March 27, 2008 by pvtpyle

I have some more useless shit to say.

I found a wonderful blog about the idiots from NJ and NY. What a bunch of fucking guido’s. Please go here and take a look.

If you know one of these super tanned fucktards, please get a few friends and kick the living shit out of them. I know, I know, all that will be left is some hair jell and a big fucking stupid belt buckle. I mean what a bunch of freaks.

Also, I have to say something about American Idol. Yep, I watch the show. And I think this has been the best year so far for the music. But what the FUCK is up with Paula Abdul? Is she fucking drunk, medicated or retarded? She can’t string together 5 words in a coherant sentence. Somebody needs to just take her off to the side, slap the piss out of her and send her back to rehab. What a fucking idiot. And are she and Simon fucking again? One minute they are buddy buddy, the next he is bagging on her (and rightfully so). If he is hitting it, I hope he is giving her the rusty trombone. Maybe the infection from licking shit would explain how her brain has gone to shit.

Stay tuned, more ranting to follow shortly.