Ahhh, the religion of peace shows it’s colors in the UK.

So the UK wantes to appease their boy loving, raping and murdering Islamists by adopting Sahria law. Not too long ago they made this wonderful announcement in an effort to appease the donkey fuckers. Now in a ecent news report, this comes out.


This is how the peacefull Islam will deal with you. I encourage all the pussies and liberals ti keep talking to them while those with balls keep making war. Maybe it will keep them looking your way while we make our approach and kick in the dorr and kill them all.

I encourage everyone else to petition the Pope for a new Crusade to wipe Islam off the face of the earth. Yes, I reall do hate them that badly. Fucking man lovers of mohammed.

And here is another that Liveleak took down after they received threats from Islamofacists here in the US. THAT, according to the Patriot act is terrorism. But we cant do anything about it because the feds are pussies and pander to the Islamofacists here in the US. God forbid that they actually do something to stop the terrorists here in the US. God forbid that people ge the message out about the true Islam and how they want to rape, subjugate and kill all non-believers.

Here is the video that the liveleak pussies would not keep on their site. I wish there was a way to grab it, I would post it on our site, and let the kiddie rapers come for me.



2 Responses to “Ahhh, the religion of peace shows it’s colors in the UK.”

  1. Hey those cocksuckers at youtube took the video down as well, so i couldn’t copy it for you.

  2. Im all for a crusade. I’ve heard another alternative though. Nuke the whole area, turning it all to glass, and drill for the oil. At least the price of gas would go down.

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