Why are we still paying for the war?

And where the fuck is all the cheap gas the liberals say we are supposed to be getting for the blood of our sons and daughters.


First, lets address why we are paying for the war. The Iraqi’s have all this oil and gas, and they can make a ton of money from it. Even selling it to us on the cheap would give them a HUGE financial windfall and help our echonomy too. We could get the cheap gas the liberals have been raising sooo much hell about, and the Iraqi’s could pay for their own re-construction.

We should not be using gas out of our own war reserves for this little foray. The Iraqi’s need to taap that keg and let the go-juice flow. We could get a lot more done and the US could get our reserves built back up. They are making really good progress securing their little sector of the world and putting foot to boy raping terrorist ass. But they need to help out a little more.


No as to the blood for oil comments of the liberals. Well, that argueement didn’t work out so well for you did it? I have not seen cheap ges when I go to fill up my ozone depleating, gas guzzling sport utility vehicle. God knows I could sure use it! Maybe our sons and daughters are over there giving these people the same rights you want to strip from everyone you dont agree with and give to the illegal aliens in this country. Or maybe you are just a bunch of fucking hipocrits. Those brown people dont deserve our help because they have oil and the potential to make money while these close by brown people dont have shit but the dope you want so badly.


2 Responses to “Why are we still paying for the war?”

  1. jennifer bitch Says:

    I just wanted to tell you…you’re the most ignorant person I’ve ever come across. First of all, you spelled like thirty words incorrectly. Second of all…none of your claims are even valid. Maybe you should actually educate yourself about the war that’s destroying Iraq, and hurting our country’s finances severely…instead of saying dumb ass shit like “those brown people” DO YOU REALIZE WE LIVE IN AMERICA WHERE EVERYONE’S A DIFFERENT COLOR?? fucking idiot. Before you make a bunch of ignorant propositions about the war, fucking find out what’s really going on.

  2. Why thank you Jenn. Comming from a liberal cuntrag like you, I take that as something of a compliment.

    So Jenn, why dont you educate me about the war over there. How much time, boots on the ground do you actually have in the GWOT? What capacity was it in, working as a health and comfort troop (cum dumpster) or actually in the mix fucking up the plans of guys who go out and kill terrorists? Something tells me that you could not be pried away from your Charter communications high speed cable and bong hits long enought to make a difference anywhere but in the local whore house.

    Tell me Jenn what is going on? Share with the class. I can throw stones and call people names, but maybe you could enlighten us as to what misguided views you have, since you have not been anywhere near there.

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