16 illegals sue rancher

He made them feel bad. Maybe he scared them a little, but what he should have done was execute them all and back fill the ditch with his backhoe. What he did do though is hold them at gunpoint for the INS guys to come and collect. Thats right, he gave them to the feds to be sent back home. So now that they have snuck into the US illegally some fucking cuntrag judge is giving these criminal fucks a day in court to sue the rancher for something like 16 MILLION DOLLARS. If you are not a citizen you should not get to use our legal system. Dont like it? Then go the fuck home and sue him in Mexican court. I am outraged that this made it into court. What a waste of tax dollars and utter horse shit.


Were I him, looking at the possibility of loosing everything, I would sell the place then find and break all of their kneecaps with a bat. Then find the lawyer these fucks hired and have a few big pipe hittin skinhead fuckers go to work on his ass for an hour or so. Then I would disafuckinpear forever. In a country where you can be sued for protecting what is rightfully yours because you scared a few fucking criminals things have gone too far for the system to protect you. The system loves and protects them more than its own citizens now, so it is time to go.


2 Responses to “16 illegals sue rancher”

  1. I brought this point up with my wife, after this suit gets thrown out, I hope and pray, he will learn his lesson.
    The next time he wont hold the illegal’s for the INS, he will just shot them and bury them in the north 40.

  2. I’m with you bro!

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