It’s back!

The most in your face, boot in the ass and call it like I see it blog out there. Well, there may be others but they are run by idjits. So after a long absence from the sphere I am back and have LOTS to talk about. Like our new Comrad Commisar President. So he gives us a new stimulus bill full of crap and wasted money, and they slip in Socialized Medicine without anyone saying a word about it. And you know who is going to pay? We are. You know who is going to suffer, the old. It actually say that if your doc is not giving you the treatment that they think you need, or deserve they will give it to you instead. But at the same time they say the old just need to accept that getting old sucks and with it comes a shit storm of ailments that they are not going to treat you for anymore. Suck it the fuck up grandma! Logan’s Run is just around the corner and when you hit 65 we will float you up to the crystal and zap the shit out of you. Then maybe we will grind you up into soilent green and recycle your old ass.


Am I the only one that is offended by this whole thing? I understand that Obama and his ilk are affraid of the Greatest Generation and now the aging Korean and Viet Nam Vets because they are true Patriots and Americans who think, no, KNOW he is a commie. And getting rid of them as a threat has got to be a big priority. These are the same guys who fucked up the Axis powers. Who held their ground against the Chinese hoards and came home to get spit on by people like Obama after fighting the VC. He has every right to be affraid. My old man is nearly 70 and he could still break Obama’s skinny ass in half if he wanted to. You can take the old bastard out of the Corps, but the Corps will live in the old bastard forever.


Hold onto your wallets, shorts, and for heavens sake cling to your God and your guns people. America is done (even News Week says we are now a Socialist country), the republic is dead and we are all circling the big drain. It should be a helluva ride.


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