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Brittney Spears……. OMFG.

Posted in Uncategorized on April 20, 2009 by pvtpyle

So the other night my wife and some girlfriends went to see this vapid little slut. I was not sure why, so I ask why she didn’t just listen to the CD since the whorebag would be lipsinking anyway. She was skeptical that this would be the case and she got the tickets for free or some shit. Had she paid for them I would have been forced to slap some sense into her….


Anyway, the opening act “Flapping pussy chicks” or something were good she said. But then in the intermission she said they had a bunch of fucking midgets come out and run loose in some kind of fucked up circus thing. She said there were midgets everywhere and it was very creepy overall.


Eventually out she came. No recognition to what city she was in, she probably didn’t know since I am guessing she spends most of her time in a midget gangbang. But my wife said she was echoing really badly. That was wierd since the auditorium is know for it’s good accoustics. And the opening act was good…… I showed her that famous bald pussy pic and she figured it out. The echo was coming from that giant worn out pussy!!!!!!!!!! I can see why Gehyfed would step out on that snaggly shit. Someone needs to take a giant hamhock and resleeve that pussy! But putting John Holm’s giant cock in it would still be like throwing a hotdog down a subway tunnel.


And in the end she did one song live and it was pathetic. She sounded like shit, the timing and rythm was off and she was out of tune. I feel sorry for the idiots who spend money supporting this horrific example of humanity. We did it for Terry Schivo, can’t someone put this bitch down and the rest of us out of our misery?


New GM commercial.

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Rally cap? How about SALARY CAP you greedy fuckers! You wonder why they need to make these kinds of commercials, ones full of half truths, disdirection and outright lies? Because the UAW and the officers of the company are greedy fucks who think they are entitled to something they aren’t. These huge salaries for doing little or nothing during the day and these guys getting golden parachutes for managing a company for a few months is pathetic. I am frankly appauled that we are bailing these pieces of shit out of their own mess. If we let them rise or fall on their own then they will eventually sort themselves out. I wont be getting a bailout for fucking up my business.


This whole thing is such bullshit. It makes me sick to be an American sometimes.