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Brittney Spears……. OMFG.

Posted in Uncategorized on April 20, 2009 by pvtpyle

So the other night my wife and some girlfriends went to see this vapid little slut. I was not sure why, so I ask why she didn’t just listen to the CD since the whorebag would be lipsinking anyway. She was skeptical that this would be the case and she got the tickets for free or some shit. Had she paid for them I would have been forced to slap some sense into her….


Anyway, the opening act “Flapping pussy chicks” or something were good she said. But then in the intermission she said they had a bunch of fucking midgets come out and run loose in some kind of fucked up circus thing. She said there were midgets everywhere and it was very creepy overall.


Eventually out she came. No recognition to what city she was in, she probably didn’t know since I am guessing she spends most of her time in a midget gangbang. But my wife said she was echoing really badly. That was wierd since the auditorium is know for it’s good accoustics. And the opening act was good…… I showed her that famous bald pussy pic and she figured it out. The echo was coming from that giant worn out pussy!!!!!!!!!! I can see why Gehyfed would step out on that snaggly shit. Someone needs to take a giant hamhock and resleeve that pussy! But putting John Holm’s giant cock in it would still be like throwing a hotdog down a subway tunnel.


And in the end she did one song live and it was pathetic. She sounded like shit, the timing and rythm was off and she was out of tune. I feel sorry for the idiots who spend money supporting this horrific example of humanity. We did it for Terry Schivo, can’t someone put this bitch down and the rest of us out of our misery?


New GM commercial.

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Rally cap? How about SALARY CAP you greedy fuckers! You wonder why they need to make these kinds of commercials, ones full of half truths, disdirection and outright lies? Because the UAW and the officers of the company are greedy fucks who think they are entitled to something they aren’t. These huge salaries for doing little or nothing during the day and these guys getting golden parachutes for managing a company for a few months is pathetic. I am frankly appauled that we are bailing these pieces of shit out of their own mess. If we let them rise or fall on their own then they will eventually sort themselves out. I wont be getting a bailout for fucking up my business.


This whole thing is such bullshit. It makes me sick to be an American sometimes.

It’s back!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 12, 2009 by pvtpyle

The most in your face, boot in the ass and call it like I see it blog out there. Well, there may be others but they are run by idjits. So after a long absence from the sphere I am back and have LOTS to talk about. Like our new Comrad Commisar President. So he gives us a new stimulus bill full of crap and wasted money, and they slip in Socialized Medicine without anyone saying a word about it. And you know who is going to pay? We are. You know who is going to suffer, the old. It actually say that if your doc is not giving you the treatment that they think you need, or deserve they will give it to you instead. But at the same time they say the old just need to accept that getting old sucks and with it comes a shit storm of ailments that they are not going to treat you for anymore. Suck it the fuck up grandma! Logan’s Run is just around the corner and when you hit 65 we will float you up to the crystal and zap the shit out of you. Then maybe we will grind you up into soilent green and recycle your old ass.


Am I the only one that is offended by this whole thing? I understand that Obama and his ilk are affraid of the Greatest Generation and now the aging Korean and Viet Nam Vets because they are true Patriots and Americans who think, no, KNOW he is a commie. And getting rid of them as a threat has got to be a big priority. These are the same guys who fucked up the Axis powers. Who held their ground against the Chinese hoards and came home to get spit on by people like Obama after fighting the VC. He has every right to be affraid. My old man is nearly 70 and he could still break Obama’s skinny ass in half if he wanted to. You can take the old bastard out of the Corps, but the Corps will live in the old bastard forever.


Hold onto your wallets, shorts, and for heavens sake cling to your God and your guns people. America is done (even News Week says we are now a Socialist country), the republic is dead and we are all circling the big drain. It should be a helluva ride.

After a long absense……

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I have some more useless shit to say.

I found a wonderful blog about the idiots from NJ and NY. What a bunch of fucking guido’s. Please go here and take a look.

If you know one of these super tanned fucktards, please get a few friends and kick the living shit out of them. I know, I know, all that will be left is some hair jell and a big fucking stupid belt buckle. I mean what a bunch of freaks.

Also, I have to say something about American Idol. Yep, I watch the show. And I think this has been the best year so far for the music. But what the FUCK is up with Paula Abdul? Is she fucking drunk, medicated or retarded? She can’t string together 5 words in a coherant sentence. Somebody needs to just take her off to the side, slap the piss out of her and send her back to rehab. What a fucking idiot. And are she and Simon fucking again? One minute they are buddy buddy, the next he is bagging on her (and rightfully so). If he is hitting it, I hope he is giving her the rusty trombone. Maybe the infection from licking shit would explain how her brain has gone to shit.

Stay tuned, more ranting to follow shortly.

The big day draws near…..

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As we get closer to the big opening of the new store, I hope that everyone who is local will come and see it. We will be offering some awesome specials and doing some fun stuff.

Those that can’t come by, tough shit for you. You should move out here, get a few new wives to support your gun habbit and become part of the family.

See you Monday!

SHOT Show 08!

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So I am at the SHOT Show in Vegas and thought I would post a few updates. FN had the only live fire booth at the show…. Actually they had the only neglegent discharge in the history of the show. And of course it was a cop.

HK had a huge booth and it looked great, but they had out very little product. And most of it was shit Joe Sixpack cant buy any of it. I learned a few dirty secrets about them while here at the show. They have had some bad results in testing. When independent testing was done, they did not fare so well. There have been issues with undue wear inside the receiver, and gthe hand guards get insanely hot. Temps reached over 700 degrees near the gas block after firing only three 30 round mags on semi. I guess if you use a mount to fire the torture test, then it is not an issue. But every time you  see a test where someone is holding it, they dump it in a bucket of water right after a mag dump. It turns out that they have to in order to keep firing it. And before you fanboys go asking who said so, HK did. There were two guys in HK shirts, talking to a guy from an LEO or MIL agency and they were talking about these very issues. If they did not want this info out for the public to hear they should have gone in their little conference room.

Ruger is doing a new 45 1911. Yeah! After nearly a century of use they finally figured out it was a good gun. Now if they will just make hicap mags for civilian use.

Sig has some new rifle coming out, and there will be a retro fit kit for your AR to make it piston driven. But even Colt says the piston is not the way of the future.

More coming soon.

Welcome! Here is your only warning.

Posted in Uncategorized on January 21, 2008 by pvtpyle
Well, this is your first and last warning. This blog will offend you at some point. Hell, it even offends me sometimes to think these things but it is theraputic to get them out. Some of it will make you lauigh, some may make you cry. I hope it gives you something to think about from time to time since my point is not to offend, but to comment on the world as it is and where we are in it.You will encounter vulgarity. You may find what you think are racist comments on all races, ESPECIALLY my own. You may find comments that you find repulsive or off the makr. Tell me why. I want to hear from you.

If you are a democrat, a vegan, a straight edger, a slave to the state, like to be told what to do instead of thinking for yourself, blame society for your problems, blame your family, blame the government, or are just generally coasting thru life without any of your own goals or independent thoughts, I can PROMISE you that you will be offended.