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Virginia Tech, a year later.

Posted in Society with tags , , , , on April 16, 2008 by pvtpyle

As we come up on the year anniversary of the VT shooting, I see more news articles on the event.


There are a few things that jump out at me that sadden me greatly about the whole thing. The first thing is that these people all laid down and allowed themselves to be killed like pigs at the slaughter. How pathetic. Where were their parents when the children were learning about the sanctity of life? Where were the lessons about God helps those who help themselves?


The other thing is, the victims lives had ZERO value. Not to their parents who loved them dearly. Not to their friends who grieve the loss of these people. THEY decided their lives had no value. Anything worth something is worth fighting for. THEY decided that their lives were not worth fighting to save. ONE madman with killer intent kept dozens of people at bay because NONE of them had the will to survive. How pathetic is your life when you do not have the will to survive at all costs. In cases like these, where a madman has the intent and desire to kill you, you have nothing to loose. Why not take the chance and DO SOMETHING! The heros of Flight 92 knew they were going to die. THEY decided to do something about it so that others would not perish as well. THEY at least tried to save themselves and others. They died doing it, but how many lives did they save? If one person at Virginia Tech had know that their life was worth fighting for, maybe they could have saved others.


We are a nation of servants, sheep and pansies. The hippies say violence isn’t the answer, and they may be right. But sometimes violence is the SOLUTION! Madmen can only be dealt with thru violence of action. They must be stopped with force. Students here, at Columbine and other shooting have all been documented begging for their lives. Did it work?


Maybe if they thought their lives had value and were worth fighting for the outcome would have been different.